Multifunctional Hybrid Material for Endoprosthetic Implants Based on Alumina-Toughened Zirconia Ceramics and Additively Manufactured TiNbTa Alloys

Jan-Oliver Sass 1,*, Paul Henke 1, Aurica Mitrovic 2, Markus Weinmann 3, Daniel Kluess 1,4, Jan Johannsen 5, Marie-Luise Sellin 1, Ulrich Lembke 6, Daniel Reimer 7, Cornelia Lork 2,  Anika Jonitz-Heincke 1 and Rainer Bader 1

Bending strength of ceramic compounds bonded with silicate-based glass solder

Jan-Oliver Sass, Abdessalam Jakobi, Aurica Mitrovic, Cornelia Ganz, Jennifer Wilken, Ulrike Burmeister, Hermann Lang, Rainer Bader and Danny Vogel, Rostock, Germany

Fracture strength of monolithic and glass-soldered ceramic subcomponents of 5-unit fixed dental prosthesis

Jan-Oliver Sass MSc1,2 Ulrike Burmeister Dr Med Dent2 Cornelia Ganz Dr Rer Nat3 Aurica Mitrovic3 Hermann Lang Dr Med Dent2 Rainer Bader Dr Med DipIng1
Danny Vogel MSc1

A Novel Technique for the Connection of Ceramic and Titanium Implant Components Using Glass Solder Bonding 

Enrico Mick 1,*, Joachim Tinschert 2, Aurica Mitrovic 3 and Rainer Bader 1

Surface Modifications of Dental Ceramic Implants with Different Glass Solder Matrices: In Vitro Analyses with Human Primary Osteoblasts and Epithelial Cells 

Jana Markhoff,1 Enrico Mick,1 Aurica Mitrovic,2 Juliane Pasold,1 Katharina Wegner,1 and Rainer Bader1

New Coating Technique of Ceramic Implants with Different Glass Solder Matrices for Improved Osseointegration-Mechanical Investigations 

Enrico Mick 1,*, Jana Markhoff 1 , Aurica Mitrovic 2 , Anika Jonitz 1 and Rainer Bader 1

Load-bearing capacity of soldered and subsequently veneered 4-unit zirconia FDPs

Timea Wimmer 1, Jürg Hostettler, Florian Beuer, Bogna Stawarczyk